New Paper Downloads and Webinar Recordings

As the Spend Matters Research Library is not the most visible part of the site, we thought it’d be a good idea to provide a round-up of the latest – and all free – research papers and webinar recordings available for download.

Customizing Your Supply Chain: Why, How, and “The Culture of Me”

By Pierre Mitchell, Chief Research Officer

Pierre has written about mass customization in the supply chain on Spend Matters, discussing how it affects the supply base and procurement. This paper provides an in-depth look at the mechanics of mass customization, along with real-life examples of how and why it is necessary.

Write Better RFPs – How to Get What You Want (and Need) from Suppliers

By Thomas Kase, VP of Research

When you go to market with an RFP, the typical challenge involves getting ideas for what is possible and identifying suppliers that either already have these ideas or are willing to work with you toward that end. This research paper offers new ideas to the old challenge. How do you convey your needs in ways that suppliers can relate to?

Why Procurement Should Control Payments

By Jason Busch, Managing Director, and Pierre Mitchell, Chief Research Officer

Payment matters much more than many people in procurement think. By taking control of payments, one can do an end-run around the administration hassles and supplier headaches that poorly-run AP functions create. This paper covers nine additional reeaons for procurement to involve itself in payment strategy and execution.

Webinar Replays

If you missed a webinar or could not attend due to a schedule conflict, not to worry. You can still listen to the recording. Here are a couple big webinars we held recently.

A Sector in Turmoil? Challenges for Procurement in the Financial Services Industry

Speakers: Peter Smith (Spend Matters UK) and Lindsay Sloan (SciQuest)

The financial services industry has gone through some significant changes in the last few years. Institutions that were once household names have disappeared, either going out of business or being snapped up in a distressed state by other more cautious competitors. New market entrants, unencumbered by legacy systems, property, and processes are eating away at the traditional leaders’ market share. What does this mean for procurement in the financial services sector? What issues and challenges are practitioners facing, and what steps should they take to help their organizations survive?

Uncovering Risk Across All Procurement Contracts

Speakers: Thomas Kase (Spend Matters) and Lloyd Alexander (Seal Software

Kraft was recently awarded $2.8 billion in damages from Starbucks based on the result of a dispute settled by the terms of a 10-year-old supply and license agreement. Subsequently, Starbucks revised its 2013 fourth-quarter earnings to a $1.23 billion loss from an initially reported $481.1 million profit. Listen to this webinar replay to learn the common pitfalls for failed CLM and other enterprise system projects. Thomas and Lloyd also cover best practices in contract discovery and metadata extraction; contract review; and handling contract migration.

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