Diving Into the Hackett Performance Exchange: Automated P2P Benchmarking for SAP and Oracle ERP Users [Plus+]

One of the key techniques to process improvement is performance benchmarking. For those firms that use Oracle and SAP ERP applications, particular those running single instance environments, The Hackett Group offers a hosted performance dashboard for P2P (and other processes – but P2P is the only procurement-specific one) called The Hackett Performance Exchange. It is a subscription-based solution that marries Hackett’s procurement and finance benchmarks for P2P with data extracted from a client’s SAP (ECC) or Oracle (E-Business Suite) ERP system to provide the firm with a monthly view of their performance relative not just to themselves (i.e. trending), but also to top quartile performers (and peers) from Hackett’s ongoing benchmarking database. Read on for Chief Research Officer Pierre Mitchell’s analysis of the service.

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