Mobile Procurement and the Small Business Owner

 Spend Matters welcomes another guest post from Ivy Montgomery of Vroozi. Back in January, Jason Busch challenged Vroozi to come up with fifty real-life use cases for mobile procurement. This is an ongoing series.

After years of diligently working as an accountant, Andy decided he’s had enough and quit his job to open a bakery. It’s something plenty of people may dream about and a number have tried, only to find, as the NY Times have reported, eking out a living on cakes means a slew of new challenges. Fortunately for Andy, he looked to mobile procurement platforms for assistance.

Andy didn’t jump into this business-ownership venture on a whim and hang it on a prayer. He’s very judicious and organized, and he understands that keeping the operations lean is critical to the success of his business. In doing this, he invested in state-of-the-art ovens and bought the finest ingredients. However, Andy was also very mindful of the money he spent on smaller cooking items such as scales, bowls, mixers, pan racks, and butcher block tables.

Modernizing his vision with today’s efficient small business practices, Andy runs his operations on two iPads, accompanied by Square and a few cloud-based solutions. One iPad is permanently docked as the register to transact with customers, while the other walks with him as he takes inventory of baking materials and tools every Monday and Thursday after closing.

For Andy, this otherwise trying task at the end of a long day is among the most effortless of chores he faces. Using his iPad, he orders supplies directly through his mobile procurement platform with the easy search and send capability. He also uses it to keep track of how much he’s spending and to seek out any price discounts. Best of all, the orders placed via mobile procurement tie back directly to his cloud-based accounting solution.

Thanks to a mobile procurement platform – one that helps him with purchasing tasks from anywhere, on any device – Andy is making his second career as a baker and as a small business owner a little less stressful.

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