Procurement School This Week: Proposals, Bids, and Tenders, Oh My! [Plus+]

Last week’s short-format Ask the Expert webinar proved so successful and popular that we’re forging forth. On the docket this week? Bids and tenders in 20 minutes or less. From this week’s expert, Peter Smith (of Spend Matters UK/Europe): “Bids and tenders are a much neglected element of the procurement toolkit, and one that is far more strategically important than most people realise. Find out why – and hear about the illogicality of many price scoring methods. Plus, we’ll share the two factors that most organisations forget when they’re choosing the ‘best’ bid.” Plus and PRO members, join us this Friday, May 30, 2014 from 10-10:20am Central for some quick-hit info on bids and tenders.

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