Simeno – A Stellar P2P Enablement Vendor That Few Have Heard Of [PRO]

A couple of weeks back, I caught up with Udo Gruenhoff, the founder and CEO of Swiss-based Simeno, yet another European P2P vendor focused on enabling the SAP procurement ecosystem. Simeno, which has been around since 2000, offers a range of tools that include a highly scalable catalog/content management solution (with some seriously large global deployments, including those that have daily updates spanning tens of thousands of SKUs in multiple languages such as Mandarin) and a friendly requisitioning, shopping, and eProcurement front-end to SAP SRM and MM. If you’ve not heard of Simeno, we’re not surprised. Like some of its European peers (including jCatalog, IBX/Capgemini, Wallmedien, Heiler, Hubwoo, Poet, etc.), they focus on highly engineered products (and implementing these solutions for customers themselves) but not as much on marketing. In this Spend Matters PRO research brief, Managing Director Jason Busch provides an introduction to Simeno as well as recommendations on what types of organizations are most suited to take advantage of its capabilities. Simeno – and some of its peers – can provide a strong alternative to moving away from an ERP procurement environment. So don’t scrap SAP SRM – or write off MM, even without using SRM – for procurement just yet!

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