Size and Spend Matter, as Spend Matters Network Growth Shows

You may have seen a small change this week on Spend Matters and a number of our network sites – a small toolbar at the top of the page that streamlines navigation across properties (we’ve included most of our core content pages and sites in the bar at the top). Far too many of our individual readers don’t venture outside their favorite landing pages and feeds and the purpose of the bar is to highlight all the sites available across the Spend Matters Network – which by our estimates is now the largest online independent B2B publisher.

Traffic and Site Growth

Spend Matters Network growth has increased at a furious clip this year (over 30 percent on a traffic basis), and our subscriber and member lists at Spend Matters and MetalMiner are growing by the day. Our individual Alexa rank numbers (not the best measurement in our view of traffic, but at least somewhat useful directionally) has our two largest domains – Spend Matters, (which hosts Spend Matters, Spend Matters UK/Europe, and Trade Financing Matters) and MetalMiner – individually approaching Industry Week’s Alexa numbers (Industry Week is a manufacturing B2B stalwart). And those are just two single domains within our network (individually at that).

Spend Matters’ and MetalMiner’s ranks are each hovering around 70,000 and 80,000 if you are curious – which makes them an order of magnitude greater than most peer sites and publications. Again, Alexa is not a perfect tool, but it has accurately reflected our overall individual site growth this year. So at least one feather in their measurement cap.

Regardless of measurement, on some levels, we’re succeeding by accident – or by content. We have three wonderfully dedicated individuals in our sales, account management, and client services/delivery groups and need to hire more. Want to join us on the commercial side? Please send us your resume! Many of our smaller peers within procurement and supply chain (media, events, membership groups, etc.) have commercial teams larger than our entire organization, which has 21 people.

Of course this is both a problem and an opportunity as we attempt to scale our operations beyond just traffic growth. We recently made our first marketing hire, Kyle Fitzsimmons, and are looking to increase our commercial team with the right people (got the message yet? Please write to us if you’re curious about joining our mission!).

B2B (and Procurement) Matter

Granted, the B2B market is small compared to B2C and the financial or IT press. But it’s a critically important one, and what excites us most is that our coverage originally started just with procurement – and grew out from there. The biggest online independent B2B network is not centered on sales, pure supply chain (e.g., inventory planning, industrial distribution), or industry coverage at the core, but a philosophy of buying, sourcing, and how to get more from third-party and supplier relationships. From that, everything grows.

What came first is important here. Think about it.

We have sellers to deal with – not to mention inventory, working capital, compliance requirements, CRM, sales commissions, and the like – because, fundamentally, we have buying. Without buying, without procurement, sales does not exist!

Spend matters. And finally, as our network growth shows, it matters more than ever, even compared with other topical areas within B2B. Even going back to the oldest profession in the world, we can assure you, without demand, there would be no need for supply!

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