Learn How to Get the Most Out of Your Procurement Analytics

Hot off the press! Download "Procurement Analytics: How to Plan (and Optimize) Your Process," a new paper from Pierre Mitchell (Chief Research Officer, Spend Matters).

Here’s an excerpt:

“I will not focus on the ‘why’ and the ‘what’ of supply analytics, but will direct the reader to some in-depth coverage of the topic that I wrote in Supply Chain Management Review in 2012. However, let me merely reiterate here that the scope of business process is massive – and so is the scope of technology used for supply analytics, including not just spend cubes and OLAP tools, but also things like combinatorial optimization (e.g. shipping lanes, vendor award allocations, production planning), data mining, AI/pattern matching, statistical analysis, simulation/scenario planning, etc.”

This paper is only available for download for a limited time, but you can access this and our premium research papers anytime by becoming a Spend Matters PRO member.

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