Selectica and Iasta – Mapping the Future of Procurement, Contract Management, and Customer Engagement [PRO]

Selectica and Iasta have their homework cut out on pulling off the basics of post-merger integration activities. But beyond what they must do, what is the absolute potential of a combined offering if they succeed in going far behind the basics? It’s significant – very significant – and could mark a fundamental shift in how procurement organizations work with suppliers by creating greater trust between parties, counter-parties, and even third parties working together to achieve a common outcome – whether that involves the manufacturing of a part or component, the building of a new facility as part of a capital investment, or a licensing agreement for embedding intellectual property in products. In this Spend Matters PRO research brief, Managing Director Jason Busch and Chief Research Officer Pierre Mitchell explore the potential of bringing procurement and contracting closer together, as well as explore some of the potential ideas that Selectica and Iasta have shared as part of a combined vision.

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