Hey Marketing: You’re Missing Out on a Gold Mine of Procurement Advertising Opportunities [PRO]

We were recently reading a back copy of The Economist and came across a Chevron advertisement that plays up the value of supplier diversity directly with a headline that asserts “big oil should support small business.” The individual advertisement is part of a broader campaign intended to make consumers perceive Chevron as an oil and gas firm that also cares about corporate social responsibility (CSR). On a broader level, it also has a message for all of us in procurement and supply chain: what we do has applicability outside of just bottom line savings, risk reduction, compliance, and getting better products to market.

All too often, procurement is caught on the wrong side of the news headlines (supply disruption reduces availability of key products, X number of workers killed in a supplier factory tragedy, etc.) In this Spend Matters PRO research brief, Managing Director Jason Busch and VP of Research Thomas Kase discuss how to flip the cards, using procurement in advertising and marketing efforts. They’ll also provide some thoughts on putting a better marketing spin on what procurement actually delivers – not just for the business, but for customers, prospects, investors and even regulators. Marketing and advertising should be based on procurement successes (and no, none of them involve sourcing or cost savings!)

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