New Downloadable Paper Lays Out Metadata Specifics

Risk mitigation is an essential part of the procurement industry and a new downloadable paper from Jason Busch (Managing Director, Spend Matters), Thomas Kase (VP of Research, Spend Matters) and Pierre Mitchell (Chief Research Officer, Spend Matters), studies how to develop added value from metadata analysis and improving risk management.

Download the paper here, but only for a limited time. Here’s an excerpt from the paper:

“If you look it up online, there are many news stories on what can be learned from cell phone metadata. Take for example what the NSA is doing in collecting all sorts of data and then extracting patterns about personal behavior. If known bad guy X regularly calls person Y who in turn is in touch with Mr. Z, who is frequently in locations know to be politically hostile, this gives you one line of connections – if you add information about how person Y receives funds traceable to Mr. Z’s unsavory location, then there’s another layer of connections."

Download "Metadata Explained: What it Means for Spend Analytics, Supply Risk, Supplier Performance, and More."

This paper won’t be available for very long, so we strongly encourage you to sign up for a PRO membership that will allow you to access this and our other premium research papers whenever and wherever you want.

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