The Suite Sound of Inevitability: On Iasta/Selectica and Source-to-Pay Generally [PRO]

Are you a weed sticking out of the lawn, or the beginning of a mighty tree? Sooner or later any provider (that is wooing the Global 2000 and the next tier down) needs to consider its suite footprint – before the figurative subway train heads their way. As a point solution provider, you can do a fantastic job and in fact be among the very best in the world – and still remain a bit player with revenues in the $5-15 million range. For some reason it is hard for solution providers to break through this barrier (more on this in the pricing commentary further down). Maybe it is a founder management team versus a “big” company team challenge. Regardless, the list of great (but small) companies that fail to grow past the $15 million or so mark on their own is long. Actually, “failed” is a strong word, as selling a company is a worthy exit strategy and there is nothing wrong with that. With that as a background, the Iasta/Selectica deal deserves some elaboration on why there is a business case for becoming a suite provider. In this Spend Matters PRO research brief, VP of Research Thomas Kase discusses what should go in a suite and why and gives recommendations to potential customers of suite providers.

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