An Update on Aravo: Latest Capabilities, Roadmap, and Customer Recommendations (Part 2) [PRO]

The supplier management technology and solutions market has been one realizing quiet success over the past 18 months. But it doesn’t get the same level of attention from procurement executives, investors, and the media that truly “hot” areas like P2P, supplier networks, and e-invoicing do – despite the fact it’s arguably a much more important area to invest in first. More important because it is a foundational issue that enables much of all the other initiatives.

One of the challenges of the market that we wrote about in the Spend Matters PRO research brief Supplier Management Forecast: 2014 Customer Recommendations and Vendor Shortlists is that “there is not a single ‘supplier management’ market. Nor is there simple supplier/vendor landscape segmentation. The marketplace is highly fragmented, as can be seen in our market growth analysis report … [across] functional areas that rely on supplier information in order to meet other business needs, as well as in focused point solutions and suite modules that are designed just to manage supplier information.”

Aravo is a key player in this emerging landscape, and while the company has been relatively quiet on the marketing side, it continues to innovate on the solutions front and manages some of the most complex supplier management deployments for Pharmaceutical/Healthcare, CPG, and diversified manufacturers and high tech companies. In Part 2 of our spring/summer 2014 update on Aravo, Managing Director Jason Busch and Research VP Thomas Kase explore Aravo’s latest capabilities and emerging roadmap items, and provide recommendations to customers and partners.

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