CPOs Suffering from a Crisis of Confidence? Find Out Why

The procurement and supply chain is brimming with CPOs and other high-ranking executives who are accustomed to looking ahead to the future and thinking “long-term.” In a new downloadable paper for Spend Matters, Peter Smith (Editor, Spend Matters UK/Europe) studies the crossroads that procurement and supply chain seem to be coming to.

Here is an excerpt from "Why is Procurement Suffering from a Crisis Confidence?"

“A number of recent reports have also highlighted why procurement and supply chain activity is so important to organisations. The excellent analysis contained in the research from Proxima, corporate virtualization: a global study of cost externalization and its implications on profitability, highlights that organisations are on average spending close to 80% of their revenues with third-party suppliers.”

While this paper is only available for download for a limited time, it is accessible any time (along with all other Spend Matters premium research papers) on Spend Matters PRO. Click here to sign up today.

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