Rant: Write Clearer Meeting Invitations!

Unsurprisingly, I get a lot of meeting invites from all sorts of companies -- providers large and small. Most corporate users probably get the bulk of invites from internal people; I mostly get mine from the solution providers we cover.

Here's a dirty little fact: most invitations stink! Stink in the sense that they really don't help me manage my calendar. For example, all too many invites have vague subject lines such as "briefing with Thomas Kase" or "Spend Matters demo" - or just "demo" (seriously people!) - or other fuzzy combos that don't help anyone understand what's in the calendar.

If you're a seasoned professional, you should put yourself in recipients' shoes and try to make their life easier. Am I too needy here? Anyway, I can deal with relabelling my invites, but I advise you to think about this before sending invites to the primadonnas with money - aka buyers - as they pay attention to little stuff like this. Might look like OCD to some, but details do matter.

Here is an example of a perfect subject header - Coupa Demo with Thomas Kase of Spend Matters. This is actually the invite that inspired me to write this article. It jumped out since it is so rare to see a proper subject line like that - succinct, and it explains to both sides what it is about, outstanding!

Surprising how hard it is for seasoned demo specialist to get that straight. In the Coupa case above, points go to Tony Wessels for textbook execution!

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