Supplier Lifecycle Management (SLM): Pros and Cons of Suite Approaches [Plus+]

Recently we wrote about the business case for building a suite offering, a topic that sprung out of the Selectica/Iasta deal. The case for suites – and the case against, mind you – is an important one to flesh out. So continuing this line of thought, how does supplier management fit in with the suite vs. non-suite concept?

What are the benefits from having SLM integrated with a suite (comprising sourcing, P2P, contract management, etc.), as opposed to running SLM as a stand alone – perhaps from someone like Aravo, CVM/Kroll, HICX, Hiperos, just to mention a few of the more well-known point providers? When does it make sense to make do with a less capable in-suite SLM solution versus investing in a best-of-breed point solution with greater capabilities? What are the single data model/platform integration advantages? These are the core questions that analyst Thomas Kase addresses in this Spend Matters Plus two-part series. This is Part 1.

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