Getting the Most Out of Your Procurement Analytics Process

Procurement Analytics: How to Plan (and Optimize) Your Process is a free downloadable paper from Pierre Mitchell (Chief Research Officer). This paper is only free for a limited time, but you can access this and other premium Spend Matters research by becoming a PRO member.

With a PRO membership, you can also access the Spend Matters PRO Procurement Information Architecture series, of which this paper is a part.

Here’s an excerpt from “Procurement Analytics: How to Plan (and Optimize) Your Process”:

“The key thing to remember is that analytics is really a business capability – not just about technology. It’s about supporting the process called 'analyze' (i.e., the ‘A’ in the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) continuous improvement methodology) that needs to be embedded into every strategic procurement discipline.”

Download the paper for free, for a limited time, here.

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