Spend Matters 50/50: Insight Sourcing Group – A Provider to Know

“When you can’t be bothered to source it on your own” – would be a rather simplistic quip to explain what Insight Sourcing Group does for their customers. The Atlanta-based firm takes a full service and hands-on approach in all sourcing areas. They get their hands dirty analyzing all your spend data and develop a list of sourcing projects that will deliver the best bottom line bang. Over the years they even developed their own spend analytics solution for this purpose – and spun it out into a separate business entity, SpendHQ, which we will cover on Monday.

Insight Sourcing Group

With a clean set of data and identified opportunities, Insight Sourcing Group continues with creating the right sourcing activities, what goes into the RFx with items, cost formulas, soft criteria, evaluation process, and savings goals. Finally they execute, work with clients to get this done – category management style – and stay on top of suppliers, stakeholders, and others along the way.

Anyone can use Insight Sourcing Group as a sourcing consultancy and execution machine, but their services are a better fit for certain verticals over others. Private equity firms in particular have taken to this firm to dive into their portfolio and drive savings and other efficiencies. As an experienced organization in the sourcing market, Insight Sourcing Group also offers consultative advice and services for procurement transformation. They are flexible in their pricing models with both gain share and straight hourly rate fee models.

If you have categories that you never get around to sourcing competitively, talk to the Insight Sourcing Group.

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