Downloadable Paper for a Limited Time: A Transforming, Customizable Supply Chain

Click here to download a new paper from Pierre Mitchell (Chief Research Officer). Originally published on Spend Matters Plus, "Customizing Your Supply Chain: Why, How, and 'The Culture of Me’" probes the overall impact customization has on procurement and the supply base.

Here’s an excerpt from this paper:

“Simply put, if procurement can’t match the clock speed of its internal customers and external customers and also make the supply base dance at that cadence, then procurement and the firm are going to be at a disadvantage. But given the limited budgets of procurement and supply chain organizations, this is a huge task.”

You can download "Customizing Your Supply Chain: Why, How, and ‘The Culture of Me’" for a limited time. However, you can sign up to become a Spend Matters PRO member and gain access to this and other premium research papers at your own discretion.

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