Mobile Procurement and the Interior Designer

Spend Matters welcomes another guest post from Ivy Montgomery of Vroozi. Back in January, Jason Busch challenged Vroozi to come up with fifty real-life use cases for mobile procurement. This is an ongoing series.

From an early age, Eugene has been highly interested in interior design and never had any other ambition in life but to work as a professional interior designer. Once he found himself doing a walkthrough with a young couple, Eleanor and David. Eleanor and David were recently engaged and had just purchased a new home. The couple had a few ideas in mind for decorating their newly acquired home, but they asked Eugene to help them round it out and make their vision a reality.

Eleanor and David chose Eugene partly based on reputation (friends of theirs recommended him) and partly because his web listings gave them the impression that Eugene was young, hip, and technologically-savvy, the same way the couple viewed themselves. The two were of the opinion that finding an interior designer who could communicate with them on their own level would produce the best results in bringing their ideas to life. This hunch would later pay off, both visually and financially.

As Eugene and the young couple strolled through the empty house, they went through everything from the floor plan to paint colors. While Eleanor and David presented their ideas for each room, Eugene was diligently entering all of this information into the mobile procurement platform on his tablet.

With mobile procurement, Eugene can input all of the varied furnishings and finishes that Eleanor and David request into a single platform to help them determine the most cost-efficient way to proceed with ordering. The mobile procurement platform allowed Eugene to filter all of these items into requests from multiple suppliers, all of which he has pre-approved. This way, he can best group things into orders that maximize supplier discounts and minimize shipping costs.

When the trio reached the kitchen, Eleanor and David explain to Eugene that they would like cherry wood cabinets and a granite countertop. At first blush, Eugene alerted the couple that ordering these two pricy finishes may push them over their self-imposed budget. As Eleanor and David began to explain how much they had their hearts set on both, Eugene asked for some time to think of a solution.

Sure enough, Eugene was able to add the cherry wood cabinet and granite countertop requests into a purchase order he has started with a vendor on various other items they’ve requested, pushing them into the supplier’s bulk-order tier where they can be offered a 15-percent discount on the entire order.

Within an hour, Eugene was able to procure for Eleanor and David all of the designs they requested for turning their newly purchased house into a home. Eugene was ecstatic to have completed another successful transaction, making people happy and doing what he loves.

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