Learn Tips on How to Enhance Your RFPs With This Must-Read Research Paper

Thomas Kase (VP of Research) has written a paper that is essential reading for procurement professionals who want to improve upon their RFPs, which if we’re being honest, is all of us.

"Write Better RFPs - How to Get What You Want (and Need) From Suppliers" can be downloaded here from Spend Matters.

Here’s an excerpt: “The typical business challenge when you go to market with an RFP centers on getting ideas for what is possible, and identifying suppliers that either already have these ideas or are willing to work with you toward that end. Targeted activities are often services or complex products where quality, service, or the engineered final product will be different from each vendor responding.”

Click here to download "Writer Better RFPs - How to Get What You Want (and Need) From Suppliers" today. Become a Spend Matters PRO member and access this and other premium research well beyond from when the free downloadable versions have expired.

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