Webinar on Thursday: Are Digital Signatures that Important? Yes, Indeed

You may have caught Pierre Mitchell's piece from last week on this topic (In Defense of the Signed Document), and we want to take it even further. Therefore, we're opening up this week's Ask the Expert webinar (on Thursday from 11-11:30 am Central) to ALL Plus/PRO members and procurement practitioners. As the orchestration between buyers, suppliers, and other third parties becomes more complex and increasingly digital, the need to seamlessly move across the document/data spectrum becomes more critical. Why? Jason Busch will count the ways. 

Any documents that are legally/commercially related are very likely to have have strict security and confidentiality requirements, especially when signed electronically.

Think about all the things that require a signature: 

  • IP agreements
  • Multi tier agreements with complex service providers
  • Signatures from third-party qualification/certification parties who may have more stringent requirements placed upon them
  • Hybrid cloud technical deployments
  • And that’s only the beginning!

On this webinar, Spend Matters’ Jason Busch will walk you through the emerging world of digital transactions, including the what, how, and why you need to know to sign electronically and keep business 100% digital.

Signing the Dotted Line: Digital Signatures ARE that Important

Thursday, July 31, 2014

11-11:30am Central



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