Spend Matters is Expanding to Mexico and the Spanish-Speaking World

As we all know, the future of procurement is global. And despite the rise of China and other Far and Near East countries in the procurement and supply chain equation, much of the world’s business is still conducted in Spanish. In fact, Spanish ranks second in the number of native speakers, behind Chinese and just ahead of English.

But more importantly, the great majority of Spanish-speaking countries are developing markets that, despite some hiccups and the occasional default, will be important growth engines of the world economy in the coming decades. Spanish is also becoming more and more important in the U.S. as a business language and in the number of native speakers.

In the Spanish-speaking world, the primary economic growth engine resides in the Americas, not Spain. Mexico in particular is benefiting from closer ties to the manufacturing supply chain in the U.S. and Canada, politically, culturally, and geographically. The surge of re-shoring activity, as an example, continues to benefit Mexico. For this reason, launching a Spanish-language site with an initial focus on the Americas appears to make the most sense – and it’s a bet we’re going to make.

When we expand into new markets at Spend Matters, we place as much emphasis on finding the right person as we do on the market we’re entering. In this case, we’ve found a partner who shares similar intellectual interests, subject matter knowledge, and a passion for procurement as we do in the rest of the global Spend Matters organization. Xavier Olivera, our partner in this endeavor, will be teaming with us to drive our Spanish language and Mexico launch efforts.

Xavier shares a common procurement and supply chain management, systems and consulting background with much of the rest of the Spend Matters team. Xavier is based in Mexico City, Mexico. Beyond writing, he is a “video pro” and loves conducting interviews with CPOs and heads of procurement in front of the camera. We hope his experience in this area rubs off on the rest of the team! We’ll be sharing more details about our Mexico and Spanish language effort in the weeks to come. But in the meantime, Xavier will be contributing to Spend Matters in Spanish (with summaries in English) throughout August and early September.

In Xavier’s words: “We will discuss with different point of views, all subjects related to procurement, supply chain, and company spend; talk about trends and the latest news; analyze market products and services offering; interview companies executives; and give voice to subject matters experts to talk about energy spend, telecommunications, taxes, and many other topics of interest.”

So please join me in welcoming Xavier to Spend Matters – and launching Spend Matters to tens of millions of Spanish speaking procurement, operations and finance professionals worldwide.

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