Is Mexico Ready for the New in Procurement?

This is an English-language summary of ¿Está México LISTO para lo nuevo en Compras?, published earlier this morning.

Are companies in Mexico ready to adopt the solutions that the market is offering, or is the market ready to offer solutions that companies need?

Lately I have had several conversations with some services providers’ executives, and all of them have asked me the same questions: How do you see the Mexican market for procurement and supply chain solutions? And do you think México is ready to adopt them?

My first thought was always yes, of course, Mexico is already adopting them. But then I would start thinking about what the service providers had offered in the last 15 years and how hard it was to position them in Mexican companies. The reasons for this are several, but in my own point of view the main one was the disconnection between the vendor value proposition and what the companies were expecting to get and willing to invest. Today I think that the Mexican companies are more ready than ever, but the more important part is that the service providers have a more integrated and mature value proposition that could have more acceptance in Mexican companies.

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