Mobile Procurement and the Everywhere Event Planner (Part 2)

Spend Matters welcomes another guest post from Ivy Montgomery of Vroozi. Back in January, Jason Busch challenged Vroozi to come up with fifty real-life use cases for mobile procurement. This is an ongoing series.

Pen and paper may as well have become the chisel and stone slab in today’s technologically-advanced society. Then again, even stationary desktop computers often present us with more of a hassle than they’re worth when we’re constantly working outside of our home or office. When procuring items on the run, all you really need is your tablet or smartphone.

When we last looked in on Vivian, the everywhere event planner, she was thousands of miles away from home at the Marriott in downtown Chicago. Vivian’s company was just inside of two months away from hosting its annual user conference, a two-day event that 120 guests were expected to attend.

Vivian walked through each of the areas that would be used at the conference, as she did at the conclusion of every day, to capture methodically the progress being made. Vivian, well-versed in corporate event planning, was taking mental notes of everything going on, tracking what still needed to be done. With each walk-through, Vivian could visualize the finished product of the event unfolding.

One of these walk-throughs yielded an important realization for Vivian, who recognized she still needed to place an order for pens, charts, notepads, giveaways, etc. Knowing that she needed these items produced and received in a timely fashion, while at a cost that helped to maintain the constraints of her budget, Vivian turned to mobile procurement.

Using the mobile procurement platform on her Samsung tablet, Vivian was able to place all of her orders through pre-approved vendors to find cost value and alleviate uncertainties in shipping. Even though the pre-approved purchase requests were sent out to multiple vendors, the platform automatically generated multiple purchase orders to send to those vendors directly. Vivian opted to have her items shipped directly to the hotel and was able to track her shipments right from inside the platform.

Now that the promotional items have arrived directly at the event site, Vivian is approaching the delivery truck to sign for the packages. This is another aspect made easier by mobile procurement.

There’s no need for Vivian to print out all of the separate purchase orders that she made through the mobile procurement platform, as she can always go and pull them right back up on her tablet. Being the organized procurement expert that she is, Vivian had already created a purchasing category within her account for all the orders associated with this conference. This allows her to track spending against the budget, and it also enables her to find her purchase order details quickly in proceedings such as shipping and receiving.

Once Vivian has carefully checked the items against her purchase orders to ensure that everything has arrived, she signs off on them and begins to distribute the items to their appropriate locations at the event. Recalling the orders on her tablet screen in the mobile procurement system, Vivian has a wonderful item rundown at her disposal and can check off the correlating boxes as the items are placed.

There’s no reason for Vivian to break out a pen, procure a printer, or print anything out onto paper. Instead, she’s got an organized system on a tablet she always carries with a checklist populated for her. Vivian’s bosses can even follow her event procurement progress from anywhere in the world, keeping them fairly up to date on the cost and status of the event set-up without ever having to divert Vivian’s attention for a progress report.

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