Walmart Improves Supply Chain for Chinese Online Store, Google Delivers Goods Via Drones

Walmart is attempting to attract more Chinese online shoppers to its partially-owned venture Yihaodian. Along with making efforts to ramp up the supply chain for the online store, Walmart has added additional products to its offerings and made the website more mobile friendly.

Google is the latest company to test out drones for the delivery of goods. The tech giant recently sent a prototype of a drone to deliver a range of products - from candy bars to cattle vaccines - to two farmers in Australia.

Another company engaged in air travel, Malaysia Airlines, announced it will cut 6,000 staff (30 percent of its workforce), become state owned and have a new CEO appointed. The changes are part of a recovery plan after the airline was hit with two major disasters this year.

Health care company Johnson & Johnson is looking to sell its medical device business Cordis. The sale could bring in as much as $2 billion for J&J, sources said, and help the company reduce annual costs.

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