New Site! Public Spend Matters Europe is Officially Launched

On Monday, when much of the U.S. (including Spend Matters) took the day off and went to barbecues or did whatever people do on Labor Day, Public Spend Matters Europe had its official launch.

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Note the mobile-friendly design, which, we promise, is on top of the to-do list for Spend Matters.

Technology and tools

supply side

Public Spend Forum launched a year ago, and since then, public sector procurement has become more and more core among the topics we cover. It was time to have a separate site focusing on procurement in the European public sector.

As Peter Smith (managing editor of Spend Matters UK/Europe) describes it, Public Spend Matters Europe “is for everyone who cares about public sector (government) procurement. (Purchasing, sourcing, buying, even commissioning are alternative terms we recognize). This is our third European website. Spend Matters started in Europe in 2010 with Spend Matters UK/Europe, which covers mainly UK focused stories, then was followed by Spend Matters Netherlands.

In our commentary and reporting, we will look at the latest regulatory matters, news, good practice, ‘secret’ tools of the trade, technology, and its impact. We’ll take a diverse approach to exploring topics. One day we might examine the implications of political, economic or trade policy. The next we might gossip about industry happenings, people and events. Regardless of topic, we will keep our discussion lively and on target – and we always write independently. Because we can all agree that spending money well does matter, and perhaps even more so when it is taxpayers’ money that is being spent.

We have various opportunities for sponsorship, which combines presence on the website with advice from and access to Peter, Jason and the rest of the global analyst team; if you are interested, please email Peter Smith.”

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