Rival Retailers Team Up on Sustainability Effort, Amazon.com Delivers Groceries to Doorsteps in San Francisco

Major retailers Target and Walmart have teamed up to bring more sustainable beauty and personal care products to customers.

Another partnership - one between Amazon.com and the U.S. Postal Service - has taken off. Amazon.com, through its AmazonFresh unit, launched a two-month trial of delivering refrigerated groceries to households in San Francisco.

A number of large automakers have joined a research effort to determine how to develop cars that can talk to each other, as well as communicate with stoplights and other infrastructure. The goal of such cars would be to reduce traffic and car accidents.

Days before Apple plans to launch its iPhone 6, Tim Cook, the tech giant’s CEO, said the company will amp up security to keep hackers out of user accounts. For example, Cook said Apple will send an email to users when suspicious activity is detected on their account.

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