Spend Matters Reaches 10,000 Posts!

In scientific notation, 10,000 is written as 104 or 1 E+4 or 1 E4. It is the square of 100 and the square root of 100,000,000. If you were to draw a polygon with 10,000 sides, it would be called a myriagon. Ten kilometers (aka Sheena’s favorite distance to row and one of Jason’s least favorites to run) are equal to: 6.2 miles, the side of a square with an area of 100km2, and the radius of a circle with area 314.159 km2. Why are we dorking out over the number 10,000? Because this, what you are reading right now, is Spend Matters’ 10,000th post to go live on the site.

Since launching the site in November 2004, the Spend Matters team (which started out as just Jason, part-time) has since grown to 23 people across the Spend Matters Network. We’ve watched our efforts go from writing a few paragraphs per day based on any inspirations that came to mind to a full-fledged media site that produces roughly 150 articles and research briefs per week.

The best part? Spend Matters is still special. Crossing the 10,000-post mark on our original site is a way bigger deal than crossing the finish line of a 10K race (which takes approximately 9 years, 364 days, and 23 hours less time). The amount of effort that has gone into keeping what we write fresh and relevant over the years – especially before we brought on a professional editorial staff – is beyond significant and borders on a bit maniacal.

Yet with our growth has come a challenge. Many people don’t know where to turn to find the most important and newest articles across our network if they’re not checking in daily. We have a lot up our sleeves to help our readers find what they’re looking for. Initially, we’ll be offering a weekly Spend Matters Plus post that curates the best from across the Spend Matters Network (in other words, must-read pieces in a single article with synopses and links). And later this fall, we’ll be offering an enhanced search capability (hallelujah - wading through 10,000-plus posts will never be easier).

In the meantime, please join us in congratulating our broader team on crossing the 10,000-post threshold!

Here are some other facts about Spend Matters you might find interesting:

  • Spend Matters was conceived in San Francisco after several cocktails. The original scribbles were, in fact, on a cocktail napkin. How stereotypical.
  • Our parent company, Azul Partners, and local affiliates (e.g., Spend Matters Europe, LTD) found 23 people who are actually crazy enough to keep us running at the rate of 1,000 posts a year. It takes a special breed to work here.
  • The Spend Matters Network is one of the largest B2B content networks on the entire Internet. A number of our sites (including Spend Matters and MetalMiner) are the largest media and research properties in their respective markets, often by a long shot (NEENER NEENER, competition!)
  • We have over 600 subscribers/members that are registered for Spend Matters premium content. And we personally answer emails from every single one of them.
  • Our office is becoming so cramped that I (Jason) have actually worked in our supply closet. (I liked it.)
  • Spend Matters employees have a wicked sense of humor. If you aren’t careful, you will be poorly photoshopped onto something we find amusing and hung on our bulletin board.

Let’s wrap with a nostalgic 10,000-themed music video from 90’s powerhouse 10,000 Maniacs.

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  1. Michael Cross:

    Congratulations. And thank you for all the thought provoking posts.

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