Mobile Procurement and the Landscape Entrepreneur

Spend Matters welcomes this guest post from Vroozi

The right mobile procurement platform can help anyone succeed in growing their business, even those who doubt their capability to help themselves.

Travis was one of those lost souls who finished school and had no idea what he wanted to do with his life, let alone what he planned to do next week. Travis didn’t have any desire to take a job working for someone else’s company. Yet, with his personal finances in a serious decline, he looked for a way to go after it alone. Lacking any true trade skills, Travis figured he could try cutting a few lawns in the neighborhood.

Borrowing his parents’ lawnmower, Travis set out asking the families in his neighborhood if he could take over their lawn mowing duties for a small fee—most were happy to take him up on this offer. Before long, many of Travis’ neighbors had even begun asking him to start handling simple landscaping tasks, such as trimming bushes and planting seeds.

Due to Travis’ hard work, quality of work and some positive word of mouth, he began to receive more offers to complete landscaping requests for people outside of his immediate neighbor/family/friend network. Finally experiencing that feeling of ambition that so many of his friends had felt, he never turned down a request. However, he was also feeling the pressure to be in too many places at once. With that, Travis’ business began evolving—from a few of his buddies tagging along helping him out, to a second crew, to multiple crews, to an office staff.

Fast-forward a few years and Travis’ little landscaping business was booming. He was long past the point of having enough equipment in his garage to borrow and take out on the road. In fact, his operations had outgrown the point where Travis could still effortlessly track the requests, billing and purchasing for himself, especially with so many different teams in different locations. Being a member of the tech generation, Travis was certain there had to be a way for him to order things like new equipment and seeds while on the go. He was right.

Employing a mobile procurement platform, Travis can use suppliers like Grainger to order multiple sets of tools and equipment to get new teams off and running. Since he always has his Samsung smartphone on him, anyway, Travis can place new equipment orders as soon as he determines he’s in need of them, no matter where he is.

Furthermore, Travis’ other employees can do the same thing. By granting them access to the same company account, employees on different job sites or in his office can make purchase requests using a single cloud-based procurement platform, which then alerts Travis to approve, modify, or reject the order. This way, Travis’ employees are only procuring supplies from a list of pre-approved vendors, while the automated workflow approval system helps restrict maverick spending.

In a few short years, Travis had gone from the couch to developing a sustainable, growing business. With mobile procurement and a little bit of motivation, Travis is now a successful landscape entrepreneur.

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