Public Spend Matters Europe: Spend Matters Talks to Peter Smith on Importance of New EU Site (Part 1)

The Spend Matters Network recently launched its third European website Public Spend Matters Europe, which is dedicated to bringing you the latest news and information on government procurement throughout the continent.

The Spend Matters UK/Europe website has been up for four years, and despite its name, it has focused on procurement - and often public procurement - largely in the United Kingdom. What will set the new Public Spend Matters Europe website apart, however, is its more broader European focus, covering the continent from Ireland to Finland, from Portugal to Greece.

While certainly, each EU country faces its own public spend challenges, they are all still bound by the same EU procurement laws. As Peter Smith, managing editor of Spend Matters UK, said, most European countries are “basically running the same process” when it comes to public procurement, and are likely concerned with the same issues.

“There are some interesting conflicting objectives in the public sector, and they really are faced by everybody - say from the hospitals in Scotland to the local council in Italy to the Ministry of Defense in Portugal,” Peter said.

Filling the gap in EU public procurement news

This is precisely why we think an all-encompassing European public spend website is necessary. Such a website didn’t previously exist. Sure, procurement professionals could skip around a number of websites to keep up on the latest government procurement issues - learning from one source what companies won recent government contracts, and checking another for how a certain country is spending its taxpayers’ dollars.

“But we don’t think there is anything that pulls it all together,” Peter said.

Public Spend Matters Europe aims to be such a place - a website where a European procurement director can visit to read about the latest in the region’s public spend arena. Content will cover everything from procurement skills to the latest contract awards to technology and government regulations. If there is something you need to know about, Peter assures procurement professionals, there is a good chance it will be on the site.

Public spend in Europe is a huge part of the economy. Currently, best estimates are that government spending with third-parties accounts for approximately 20 percent of total European GDP, Peter explained.

“So that brings us around full circle to why this is pretty important,” he said.

Stay tuned to Spend Matters and Public Spend Matters Europe for the latest news on European government procurement and our new website.

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