Supply Chain Insights Global Summit – Initial Thoughts

It’s time to share my thoughts from the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit event in Scottsdale, Arizona. Lora Cecere, the founder of Supply Chain Insights, is clearly well connected in the industry (her years at AMR must have helped build up a Rolodex) as well as respected – she has done a good job of bringing together CPO-level supply chain executives and procurement managers from several industries.  Some solution providers were also here – predominantly S&OP and analytics tools, and I think several of the providers we usually write about here on Spend Matters should consider attending for the quality of the content and the audience.

The second day ramped up in a strong way – the morning had a fantastic presentation by Tom Bonkenburg of St. Onge (a warehouse logistics specialty firm) with Tom laying out the history of robotics and making intriguing predictions about the future of automated warehousing and product delivery to end users. I’ll share my notes there later.

Motoman SDA Robot

thomas 1

We have also heard (no pun) today from Ultimate Ear – a manufacturer of uber-high end in-ear “monitors” (high audio fidelity devices that look like hearing aids, but in a fashion statement design) for music professionals. Fascinating products – and an intriguing medical-device-like manufacturing process.


Some more notes to follow on their switch to 3D-printed manufacturing (only revealed to the public on Sept. 11 actually, but it has been in production for a long time). I’m amazed that the final product isn’t more expensive –  $400 to $2,000 from what I can see online. I had expected another zero at the end.

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  1. Thomas Kase:

    John – the presentation by Tom from St. Onge was great – here’s my writeup on that:

  2. John Lowe:

    Looking forward to seeing your comments on the automation topic from St Onge! Thanks for sharing your notes/observations

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