Pizza Hut Announces New ‘Skinny Slice’, Uber to Recruit Military Veterans, ConAgra Foods’ Profits Jump

All college freshmen rejoice -- Pizza Hut is testing out some “skinny-slice” pizzas! Truth be told, not much is different about the new pizzas: the crust is a bit thinner, there are fewer toppings and less cheese is applied. So basically instead of eating three slices of Pizza Hut’s regular pizza, you’ll be eating six “skinny” slices.

ConAgra Foods, producers of brands such as Egg Beaters and Crunch ‘n Munch, announced that its fiscal first-quarter earnings more than tripled.

Wal-Mart was recently fined for false advertising and trying to tax sugary sodas.

Uber is trying to recruit military veterans, service members and spouses. The company announced a new program, UberMILITARY, which aims to employ 50,000 new drivers from these groups over the next 18 months.

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