Phoning Home for Invoicing Discount Capture (Part 1) – Taulia Customer Conference Dispatch

Yesterday at Taulia’s Customer Conference, a regional telecommunications provider shared its experience rolling out the Taulia solution for e-invoicing and discount capture. The firm, a $10 billion+ company, was previously receiving 15,000-20,000 paper and PDF invoices per month that were manually scanned before going into a traditional A/P process. Efforts were entirely manual, which resulted in the company only capturing 200 discounts per month from suppliers – as well as many data errors from duplicate and miss-keyed information. In addition, suppliers would constantly call A/P to check in on invoice status.

In working with Taulia, the organization wanted to achieve multiple objectives at the same time including invoice and PO automation. Specifically, however, it wanted to quantify these A/P-driven investments through discount capture as well as “lowering the cost” to serve through directing suppliers to use self-service capabilities through a portal framework (rather than picking up the phone and calling the A/P department when they had a question).

In the process of implementation, the organization was able to onboard 50% of its targeted suppliers within three months. They invited 2,428 suppliers to participate and onboard 57% in the automation and discounting program. While the actual program itself is still in the early stages of deployment (it only went live earlier this year), the telco is already capturing $150,000 in discounts per month – and has exceeded $1 million in overall discount capture so far.

We’ll come back to this case study later today and explore some of the more important lessons learned in deployment as well as what it is hoping to achieve in its next roll-out phase – including driving home significantly more savings from capturing additional discounts.

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