Taulia Connect – Additional News, Happenings and Milestones of Note

Last week, I attended Taulia’s Annual Customer Conference (Taulia Connect) in downtown San Francisco (see previous coverage from the event at the end of this post). I’m actually saving the best for last in terms of discounting and supplier adoption metrics that Taulia shared – check back next week on Spend Matters PRO for our analysis of enablement and adoption data from more than 3,800 suppliers. But in the interim, I thought it would be worth sharing a few company trends of note that we’ve not covered yet.

First, in this regard, Taulia shared that they are continuing to expand globally, especially in Europe in the Benelux region, Scandinavia and France. Other global priorities include entering new markets (e.g., Singapore) and working with more governments (France is coming next, Taulia noted, from fleshing out its strategy in terms of encouraging early payment initiatives). Most important, Taulia noted that it will invest in regions to be there for customers if they need to expand programs globally.

Outside of global expansion, the Taulia leadership team spent time calling attention to how it has moved beyond tight integration with SAP alone (in 2011, this was the sole focus). Taulia is now supporting implementations across a variety of back-end systems and heterogeneous environments. Current back-end integration capability includes PeopleSoft, Infor, NetSuite, Workday, Oracle and JD Edwards. Taulia also integrates with a range of invoicing and accounts payable automation systems for those not wishing to use Taulia’s native e-invoicing capabilities.

In other news that Taulia called attention to on the main stage, the firm is continuing to roll-out its “Taulia Enhanced Discounting” program or TED that allows companies to use third-party capital (in addition to their own balance sheet, if desired) to fund early payment programs – sharing the proceeds with those fronting the capital. Taulia observed that in a downturn, TED is likely to gain popularity as companies focus on holding onto cash and staying as liquid as possible.

In this regard, Taulia is also “staying liquid,” in this case through a large outside cash infusion. At the event, Taulia shared it had closed on an expanded Series D round, which brought recent 2014 funding to $40 million.

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