BravoSolution’s New CEO Speaks Out – The Spend Matters Interview (Part 1)

Spend Matters Founder and Managing Director Jason Busch recently sat down with BravoSolution’s new CEO Jim Wetekamp at his office in Chicago. Peter Smith, managing director of Spend Matters UK/Europe, was also part of the discussion via teleconference. In this three-part series, Jason and Peter asked Jim to provide some insight on his background for our readers, where he sees BravoSolution today and opportunities for the future. Enjoy!

Spend Matters: What is your history of involvement in BravoSolution (and the current set of solutions it delivers)? What was your most recent roll - on paper vs. what you actually did in the field?

Jim Wetekamp: I joined the business in 2008, via the acquisition of VerticalNet. At the time of acquisition I was managing both the technology and consulting functions within VerticalNet. Within BravoSolution I was appointed as the senior executive responsible for solution strategy. My actual responsibilities at BravoSolution have covered two particular roles – one formal and one more of a personal calling.

The role centered on a continued focus on the technology products has been the formal one and the other has been developing an operational role focused on new-market development and support. The global aspect of the business and my role within it has been tremendously rewarding. The informal role placed me actively within many of our markets on a commercial basis, focused on assisting in the development of the market and the BravoSolution infrastructure to support it. We have such incredibly talented people in the field next to the customer, and I see many ways that they can be better supported in driving customer results.

As part of these efforts, we’ve helped get activities off the ground in Asia, Germany and other regions. My work within countries has also involved tackling key selling opportunities through these markets.

Through these efforts, I’ve become familiar across markets – Germany, France, the UK, Latin America and China.

SM: Where and how do you want to leave your mark at BravoSolution?

JW: I see three key areas. The first is having proud, empowered employees who have a passion for client success, and the tools necessary to deliver it. I just came off 4 days in Milan with our global commercial team and this was the most important subject we covered.

The second area is delivering leading technologies that provide customer value and scale to the needs of the business across all of our diverse markets. I would want to have technologies and solutions that serve the needs of business across diverse markets. This is not just technical in nature, but about local enablement.

And third, I want to continue on our vision that clients need access to a range of procurement solutions to drive increasing levels of value and enablement by practitioners who know how to get results.

Stay tuned as our conversation with Jim continues.

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