Expanding Into Upstream Supply Management: BravoSolution’s New CEO Speaks Out – The Spend Matters Interview (Part 2)

Jason Busch, founder and managing director of Spend Matters, has known BravoSolution’s new CEO Jim Wetekamp for nearly 15 years, meeting around the time when they both first entered the procurement market. In this three-part interview series, Jason, along with Peter Smith, managing director of Spend Matters UK/Europe, quiz Jim on his background and discusses BravoSolution’s current position in the market and it’s ambitions. Also see Part 1 of the interview as well.


Spend Matters: What is the largest solutions-focused opportunity for BravoSolution today?

Jim Wetekamp: This very much depends upon a market-by-market case since each region is different. However, generally speaking, we see our largest opportunity as to continue to expand our capabilities in the upstream supply management areas – particularly in the areas of supplier development, measurement, risk management, collaboration and relationship management. Done right, this can provide strategic tools to the procurement organization to maximize the value of their supply base and minimize risks that may impact brand or corporate performance.

Expanding on this concept, what we are really talking about is giving procurement another lever to create value through partnering with the supply chain and mitigating/managing risk in all aspects of relationships and procurement. We are not backing away from sourcing, analytics and related areas, however. This represents an extension and “pivot” – a logical next step.

There is also an opportunity for us to partner more effectively as well, something we have a track record of doing, but not consistently across business lines to date. We can, for example, improve on the development of channels, especially in new markets. For example, as we build our business in Canada, we are working with a key channel partner.

Overall, as we expand our solution set, enter new markets and expand within existing ones, it is critical we preserve the BravoSolution DNA, which emphasizes the tailoring of capabilities, local understanding and empowerment.

SM: This brings up the question of country specific strategies. From a country/region perspective, what is the largest opportunity as you see it?

JW: There is no doubt that we see opportunity to expand within existing market segments. This is especially true in more recent BravoSolution markets where our brand awareness is still growing. In regards to new markets, we are seeing encouraging results from the Asia Pacific region already just one year into starting Australia. From this launch pad, we believe we will have an effective platform for further growth throughout APAC.

We also believe that we have opportunities to expand more in Latin America based upon recent success in our Mexico market, for example, and have recently expanded operations into the Nordics with recent success there as well.

Stay tuned as our interview with Jim concludes in Part 3 of this series. Also see Part 1

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