Apple Suppliers Expect iPad Delays, Microsoft Sets the Record Straight About Its Surface

Demand for the new iPhone 6 is causing delays in other Apple products. Apple’s suppliers were previously set to begin mass producing larger iPads in December, but that date has now been pushed back to early 2015.

Another tablet maker, Microsoft, has dispelled rumors its Surface line will dissolve. Microsoft posted a blog saying its Surface Pro line is a great tool for businesses and the tech company is committed to continue developing the product.

Deem - a provider of integrated cloud and mobile solutions - announced it is offering a “safe passage” program for businesses using Concur, which was recently acquired by SAP. Safe Passage offers professional migration assistance and other services.

The amount of goods coming from Germany is dropping dramatically. Exports from the European nation fell 5.8 percent in August- the largest decline since January 2009.

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