IACCM’s 2014 Conference: Contract/Commercial Management Person? YOU ARE IMPORTANT! (Part 2)

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In my last post covering IACCM’s Americas Conference, I covered some risk management strategies that contract/commercial people can take before leaving you with a thrilling cliffhanger on how both personal and department branding can be the key to internal and external success. There was an overall encouraging undertone throughout the day of “You are important. Your job is important. Contracting is important. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.” So let’s dive into some feel-good personal stuff, shall we?

There’s nothing better than having to comb through your deepest, darkest life goals, desires and fears in a room full of strangers at 10:30 a.m. Alas, that was the task put before us by JoAn Risdon, inspirational speaker, business and personal brand architect, in the session “Owning Your Brand” - Personal Branding & Reputation Management.

According to JoAn, this is some important stuff that you should think about from time to time. Some soul-searching questions, if you will. One Brit in the room loudly admitted his discomfort in an activity that was so very “California,” to which there was much agreement. By the end, though, I feel like we were surprisingly a bit closer to a kumbaya atmosphere (though nobody hugged). JoAn had us write down answers to the following:

  • What values do you have/want in your life? This can be anything from personality traits that are intrinsic to ways of being to desired, cultivated skills. This is the good stuff.
  • What values do you not want in your life? Be honest with yourself. A lot of people were surprised to find that they indeed regularly practiced a lot of the values they actually didn’t want to. Be authentic with these.
  • What is your personal vision? This is the life you want to lead, and what you see in it. It can be anything from “I want to be able to pay to send all of my kids through college because I didn’t get that,” to “I want to run a marathon,” to “I want to end world hunger.” What is your passion? 
  • What is your personal mission? Your mission is how you’re going to accomplish your vision. Throw some verbs in there. Maybe throw some of the values you want in your life in, too.
  • Who are the personal “key roles” in your life? Who’s going to help you get there? Your spouse? Siblings? Business partners? Barista? How will they help, specifically? 
  • What is your personal brand statement? Wrap it all up. Write a statement that includes your values, your vision, your mission and who’s going to help you get there. Think about this vision often. Revise it. Make it happen in all aspects of your life (personal and professional). JoAn’s thinking is that the more authentic you are with yourself, and the more authentically you present yourself to other people, the more fulfilled you’ll be and the more respect you’ll get.

So what’s the next step, and how does this have anything to do with contracting or procurement? Redo the exercise for your job function/department. Use the results in how you communicate internally within your department, between departments and to your clients. (Oddly, this was a huge light bulb moment in the room. Perhaps we had all been successfully California-d at that point.) Go forth, procurement people. Namaste.

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