Dangerous Airbags In 7.8 Million Cars, Boeing Boosts Plane Production, Profits

More cars have been added to the list of those containing dangerous airbags. The number of vehicles with defective Takata Corp. airbags now totals 7.8 million, and US car safety authorities are urging Americans to “immediately act” on warnings they receive from manufacturers.

Demand for commercial jets helped boost Boeing’s profits in the third quarter. The airplane manufacturer delivered 186 commercial jets during the three-month period - up from 170 last year.

While Americans may be used to paying a hefty price for a new smartphone, Google plans to sell Android One smartphones at a discounted cost in India.

And now news about a high-speed flying train. The executive of a Maglev company is increasing efforts to bring a magnetic levitation train line to the East Coast of the US - linking Washington, D.C., and New York.

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