Mobile Procurement and the Expanding Small Business

When we last saw Andy, the Small Business Owner, he had left behind his once-promising career as an accountant to immerse himself in his true passion as a baker. Andy understood that embracing something that he truly enjoyed doing wouldn’t necessarily make his career transition an easy one, but he was smart enough and passionate enough to develop his concept into a sustainable business.

Andy’s transition into this new career presented him with a slew of new challenges, but nothing that he couldn’t handle. Leaning on his skillful and knowledgeable accounting background, Andy had no problem keeping his bakery’s business affairs in order. Once concerned with finding the best ways to procure food and the items necessary for baking, Andy modernized his simple ambition with mobile procurement.

Andy has been running his operations using two Samsung tablets, accompanied by Square and a few cloud-based solutions. One of the Samsung tablets remains permanently docked at the register for customer transactions, while Andy carries the other one around with him as he takes inventory of baking materials and tools every Monday and Thursday after closing.

The process – and the business – has been so successful, that Andy recently expanded his operations by opening two new locations. As a very organized and judicious business owner, Andy understood the importance of continuing to keep his operations lean if he intended to sustain success across locations. Therefore, he outfitted the new location managers with the same platform that had helped him to manage his own spending: mobile procurement.

For the managers at the new locations, everything was already laid out before them in the mobile procurement platform. They were each presented with the same setup that Andy utilized at his flagship location, including one Samsung tablet at the register and another for performing inventory needs. However, the new managers were hardly on their own. Each of their tablets’ mobile procurement systems were linked directly to Andy’s.

Because Andy had already uploaded the supplier catalogs for which he conducted his own purchasing, he ensured there would not be a disparity in the offerings presented by his new bakery locations. Adhering to the same catalog content also meant that the new managers were viewing the same low-price, high-quality goods that Andy had come to base his spending on.

As the new managers used the mobile procurement platform to select the goods they wished to order for their locations, the system sent an alert to Andy to approve, deny or modify the purchase requests. Oftentimes, Andy waited for all 3 locations to submit their requests and allow the mobile procurement system to merge their orders. Because Andy was now buying more in bulk than ever before, he was receiving even greater discounts. Thanks to mobile procurement, Andy has expanded his small business and further lowered his expenses.

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