Spend Matters Celebrates 10 Years!

Spend Matters is celebrating its 10-year anniversary Monday, Nov. 3. We’re having our local team and a few friends join us at one of our favorite Chicago haunts for a pint or 2 (or 5). It’s nothing terribly formal – consistent with our overall approach to things. But 10 years is a big milestone, and I sometimes find it hard to believe we’ve been at it this long.

With age comes the good and the bad – personally and professionally. Over the past decade, on the private side, I’ve managed to lose an inch of my hairline and about three times that around my waist (and drop my running times in middle distance races to a time that could be described as “approaching competitive”). So I’m pleased to report good news to celebrate from outside the office door.

On the professional side, I’m tickled with what Spend Matters has become thanks to having all the right people to get, and keep, it going. It means the world to me that my co-founder and the original inspiration for this thing, Kevin Brooks, will be with us on Monday to celebrate. Spend Matters was 100% Kevin’s idea – I merely ran with it. And without Scott Slone (now our CTO and a former colleague of Kevin’s at Ariba), I wouldn’t be writing this note...or more to the point, you wouldn't be reading it.

I won’t tell you where we are as a business today (there’s plenty of time for that later). Though I will say it’s been a great ride, with a few challenging bumps along the way, as expected. Here's a little timeline:

2004 - Spend Matters is born

2010 - Sheena Smith (then Sheena Moore) comes on board as our first full-time editor. We merge with our sister site MetalMiner, thus forming the first iteration of the Spend Matters Network. Peter Smith adds to the fun and launches Spend Matters UK/Europe. Taras Berezowsky joins as the first full-time editor of MetalMiner.

2011 - Healthcare Matters is born. We publish more and more content and gain more and more traction. Thomas Kase joins as an analyst.

2012 - Spend Matters PRO launches (waaaay earlier than we'd expected) as SAP buys Ariba. Our subscription content is born.

2013 - Pierre Mitchell and Lisa Whalen join us full-time. Spend Matters Netherlands is launched.

2014 - We're growing, and we're growing fast. Say hello to Spend Matters Mexico/LATAM, Public Spend Forum and Trade Financing Matters. Say hello to 24 full-time staff members. Say hello to the biggest online procurement network (and the web traffic to match). Enough bragging, though!

Above all, as a group, we care deeply about raising the profession, and we’re not afraid to laugh at things (often ourselves) more frequently than not.

So join me in this virtual toast to Spend Matters’ 10-year anniversary. It’s been an exceptional ride. And without your support, we wouldn’t be here.

Thank you all, from my heart.

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  1. Nick @ Market Dojo:

    Congrats to the whole team. Great success story and wish you every success in the future.

  2. Stephanie Degenais:

    Congrats to you and the team, Jason!

  3. Taras Berezowsky:


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