Highlights and Award Announcements from the Procurement Leaders Forum in Singapore [Plus+]

In this two-part Spend Matters Plus analysis, I will share my impressions and takeaways from the two-day 4th Procurement Leaders Forum event in Singapore held the last week of October. Compared to Procurement Leaders (PL) events in the US (perhaps anywhere in the world), the variety of nationalities gathered at the event last week was quite staggering – a mini-UN of sorts, except far more productive. ProcureCon also holds an annual Singapore event. But, subjectively speaking, I think PL has managed to gather a higher caliber audience – both events are worth attending (and several attendees were familiar faces from the ProcureCon event. In many ways, Singapore is a small place), but they do have a different style. If you want to talk with procurement CPOs from India, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, etc., as well as expat CPOs from the Middle East, Australia, the UK, the US, Germany, France and more, this was a good place to do so – quite an effective use of time.

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