Wal-Mart Stocks Shelves With More Organic Items, Chinese Chicken Now Part of the US Food Supply Chain

Wal-Mart intends to not only offer a larger selection of organic foods in its stores, but also will sell those organic items at the same price as non-organic food.

Chicken in the US may be sourced from China. The US Department of Agriculture will now allow companies in China to send fully cooked, refrigerated and frozen chicken to the US.

The US experienced some positive gains in jobs last month. The Labor Department reported 214,000 new jobs were added to payrolls in October, and the unemployment rate fell to 5.8% - it’s lowest in 6 years.

Remember those Google “barges” that showed up for a short time on San Francisco’s coast last year before disappearing? Turns out fire-safety concerns from the Coast Guard shut the mysterious project down, according to newly obtained information. The barges were reportedly going to be used as Google technology showrooms.

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