Hiperos Raises Procurement and the Supply Chain With New Airport Advertising Style

As I headed down from United C gate to B gate baggage claim at O’Hare airport upon returning to Chicago earlier this week, something jumped out at me on the giant airport advertising jumbotron above the escalator. No, it was not another boring Accenture advertisement with elephants or washed up tigers – you know the kind.

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Rather, it was something radically different. It was, well, an advertising campaign that FINALLY elevates procurement and supplier management.


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The gist of the campaign is that organizations don’t necessarily know whom they’re doing business with. The advertisements cycle through pictures with a shadowy figure that appears to have 2 sides or another looking downright dodgy, replete with captions such as:

“Your third-parties. Do you know who you’re doing business with?”

“Do you know who you’re doing business with?”

The tagline is: anti-bribery, anti-corruption at hiperos.com.

What’s missing here?

There’s no mention of procurement. There’s no mention of supplier management. Or third-party management as Hiperos calls it. Rather, it’s elevating the entire notion to a bigger concept – we simply don’t know who we work with anymore.

They could be criminals. They could be con men. Or they simply could run afoul of a myriad of regulations – maybe without even knowing it.

Kudos to Hiperos (and Opus Global) for a truly great marketing campaign that elevates what all of us do.

It’s about time.

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  1. Ed Mathews:

    Well done Hiperos…selling the steak.

    Successful customers care more about and focus on business outcomes. Features & functions, while important, are merely a means to an end result.

  2. Susan Walter:

    It does make you think though – do you know who you are doing business with? – thanks for the post

  3. Thomas Kase:

    Hiperos comes from SPM – performance management – so they’re no strangers to “proper” risk management. I say this as a contrast to compliance-type risk management which often results in a siloed checkbox CYA activity.

    I agree that this kind of campaign “feels” more content centered, as well as general awareness/demand building. Almost like Japanese car ads (in Japan) where you just get a warm and fuzzy feeling from the commercial, but not really any idea of what car you saw. This of course fuels fears rather than happy thoughts. So yes, D&B, LexisNexis, BvD and other content firms ought to give Hiperos a discount on their data fees for this. 🙂

    Hiperos’ clients are pleased, and the tool is sophisticated enough to handle complex onboarding needs. I think they sell more to the financial side of the corporate aisle than to procurement, thus the slightly hokey (to me) 3rd Party management pitch. But hey, it’s hard to fault anyone for selling what clients want to buy. And in this case, if Finance pays for a tool that benefits Procurement, isn’t that great?

  4. James Ferguson:

    Yeah great campaign by Hiperos. Although I agree that the data from D & B, LexisNexis etc is useful, however our position at Supplibase is that nothing beats the personal experience of trusted industry colleagues. Like TripAdvisor is to travel, we are trying to break the ‘know who you are dealing with’ problem by asking fellow Procurement professionals to leave reviews & references for their vendors. People do business with people they know, like and trust and even in this digital world we think we all still value the opinion of others more than data. I like the visuals of this campaign though!

  5. Jason Busch:

    The campaign could arguably be a better fit for what a D&B, LexisNexis or Thomson Reuters type provider could do in the space as an information business (and what SAP could do if it extended Supplier InfoNet to the network business with Ariba with all of the original capability) … but still, it’s about making people think differently about the underlying challenge. I’ll let Thomas comment on the product and how it stacks up … he’s our supplier management guru.

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