Mobile Procurement and the Early Lunch

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While many people are aware of the benefits of mobile procurement when on-the-road and on-the-go, few are aware as to just how useful mobile procurement can be when right inside the office.

Recently, a chief procurement officer (CPO) was looking ahead to the next fiscal year and decided he needed to be a bit more mindful of his department’s current state of affairs. Knowing that he had a great staff working under him, he decided to take the precaution of meeting with one of his senior team members to review their situation.

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The CPO reached out to his team member and asked him to gather some budget information. He noted that he was just cautiously concerned with a few things, but did feel that he would like to be briefed prior to lunch on the same morning he sent the email. The CPO’s attentive team member immediately responded that such a request would not be a problem, and he was prepared to deliver information regarding the areas of spending, a current budget analysis and projections.

The procurement team member didn’t exactly have an empty plate that morning. Yet even with a few other things on his agenda, he wasn’t too fazed by the information request. Really, he knew he already had all of this information at his fingertips…

In the old days, such a request would require even the most-organized procurement team to conduct a little bit of research. Assuming they had been diligently logging all of their spending against their budget from the beginning, the department would still need to reference supplier contract information in order to accurately develop their forecast. Once the information was gathered, a report still needed to be formed. By the time that had taken place, the information was very often out of date.

That was the past.

With mobile procurement, all of the budget data and research is already handled and available—at all times – right in the palm of your hands.

As the procurement professional confidently boarded the elevator to make his way to the meeting, he looked up and saw that the CPO was in the same compartment. Seizing the opportunity to kick off the discussion, he grabbed his phone and began his briefing of the CPO right then and there.

All he had to do was to press the icon to call up his mobile procurement platform, and the procurement professional granted all of the budget information the CPO required in a format that could be effortlessly searched and segmented. The 2 discussed all of the areas of interest in regards to their current spending against the budget from right in the elevator. Off of the elevator and walking down the hallway, they discussed where that put them for next year. By the time the pair had reached the conference room, their meeting was already complete.

Rather than stopping at the conference room door, the CPO suggested the 2 of them continue on – to an early lunch.

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