Delta Buys Airbus Planes, Craigslist is Criticized by CPSC

Delta Air Lines will purchase 50 new planes from Airbus, which will all include Rolls-Royce engines. The airline chose Airbus’ bid over Boeing’s to supply it with the new planes.

Craigslist is being criticized by the Consumer Product Safety Commission for allowing users to sell recalled products on its site. The CPSC called Craigslist “morally irresponsible” for failing to block the sale of defective and recalled products.

(ATTN Craigslist shoppers!) Toyota is recalling 422,509 Lexus cars in the US due to a fuel leak defect that could cause a fire. Model year 2007-2010 Lexus LS vehicles and model year 2006-2011 Lexus GS cars are included in the recall.

A Greek port is being hailed as a huge success for both Greece and China. China’a Ocean Shipping Company built a container terminal at the port, located outside Athens, which created local jobs at what is now one of the fastest-growing ports in the Mediterranean.

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