The Spend Matters Gift Guide: Shaving Gear

Today we launch our special series running through December: the Spend Matters Gift Guide. Looking for ideas on what to get your friend, sibling, boss, or maybe even your CPO? Members of the Spend Matters staff and network will be sharing their suggestions for the best gifts to give this holiday season. We start out with Spend Matters' Lead Analyst Thomas Kase's gift suggestion...


In case you're running out of present ideas for hubbies et al, let me recommend the Dorco brand of shaving gear. Yes, that's a dumb name for a company, I know, but they have great products. I wrote about the company last summer. A brilliant product at a great price - even if they have upped their pricing since last summer, it's still a good deal less than the more well-known brands (which perform worse, in my experience).

With my initial batch of blades (bought in June last year) now down to 1 pack of 6, I just restocked. It has proven far superior to the premium store brands, both quality of shave and lasting sharpness of each blade - and I've tried them all. Less money, too. Add a tube of Baxters of California after shave balm (I buy that from Amazon) and it's a perfect gift combo.

Extra tip: Dorco is not just for guys, either. My wife says their female shaving gear is good as well.

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