Suppliers Have Too Much Stock, Coca-Cola Enters Milk Industry

Suppliers often have as much as 40 percent more stock than necessary, a new study found. Companies are not taking advantage of available data, do not use data analytics to make business decisions and lack transparency of internal systems, according to the report.

Speaking of suppliers, Coca-Cola may soon be one to the milk industry. The soft drink giant said it plans to release its “high-end milk” product called “Fairlife” next year.

Honda will expand its recall of cars equipped with Takata Corp. airbags to all 50 states in the US. The automaker said it will first focus on high-humidity areas in the country and ensure it will have enough airbag parts from other suppliers.

Despite the airbag recalls, Honda, along with GM and Chrysler, experienced higher car sales in November than in previous years. Demand for large pickup trucks and SUVs is particularly high.


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