Rio Tinto Avoids M&As, Oil Supply Chain Includes “Secret” Rail Transport

Rio Tinto will not attempt to make any major acquisitions to help prevent a takeover from rival Glencore, the mining company reported. Rio Tinto’s Chief Executive Sam Walsh said attempts at mergers and acquisitions would be disruptive at this time.

The oil supply chain includes “secret” rail routes that carry crude oil through cities and towns, though local authorities are not aware of the oil being transported so close to home. One such rail line runs through Delaware, transporting oil from oil fields in North Dakota to a refinery, but authorities say publicizing the oil trains would make the state vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

This week’s Cyber Monday proved to be the biggest online spending day in history, with sales surpassing $2 billion, a new report said.

Starbucks plans to boost its food sales in the next five years, offering customers more lunch options as well as wine and food options at night.


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