Amazon Enters the Baby Product Market, Low Oil Prices Could Lead to Company Mergers

Amazon Prime members who are also parents are in luck: Amazon will now be selling its own baby wipes and diapers. The new products are part of the online retailer's "Elements" line, which provide detailed information on where the products are sourced and what they contain.

Falling oil prices could spark some major mergers and acquisitions in the energy industry. When prices crashed in the early ‘80s and ‘90s, oil companies made deals that “reshaped the industry.”

The smartphone supply chain is the latest target of cyber criminals, researchers say. Specifically, a mobile trojan called “DeathRing” is somehow being loaded onto phones in the supply chain.

We will end with some positive news: The US added 321,000 jobs in November – far more than economists expected and the largest one-month gain in nearly 3 years.


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